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About Me

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I always worked on 8 to 5 jobs and worked on all kinds of them. I never found one that really satisfies my needs to reach the quality of life I wanted. When the Internet started to show the possibility to start a business that can provide endless possibilities and freedom, I start to look at it. I tried several of them, I bought some expensive programs most of the time without the community support for help, etc. and it did not work for me.

The Road to Online Business

First, I go back 12 years, the first thing that comes to my mind was to sell stuff online. With my brother at that time, we start to sell musical instruments, the experience was good, we made some good money, but the biggest problem was the inventory, the shipping, and the customer service since we still have a full-time job, the time to run all that was getting tight and we did not make enough money with this business to quit our job.

The Next Steps

I did not give up and start to dig on the internet to find a business model that can fit me and could lead me to get the freedom I was looking for.

I tried different types of business MLM, Email Marketing, etc. I bought some expensive programs, but something been still missing either it was supported, not enough details, or videos missing details not helping at all.
The other problem I had been still money and time like everybody always come with.

My Goal Here

What I want to do here is to help you find a business model to resolve the most problems peoples have and hold them to start an online business. We are talking here about not having a lot of time, been tight in money, getting good support, and been able to talk live with people and ask questions and get answers on every detail that will very help you to go through and build a business.